‘Un-shattered Dreams’ addresses violence and the hope that can follow

‘Un-shattered Dreams’ addresses violence and the hope that can follow

The stage play Un-shattered Dreams has a message for countless citizens, including those who act as community stewards, trouble-shooters and neighborhood advocates.

Produced by N Spire U Productions, the production returns to Flint’s Institute of Music April 6 for an encore performance, following its 2018 debut.

Set coordinator Nate Bell, stage manager Pat Hill, Production Manager Lurenda Williams Shelby and writer and director Kelcy Williams are proud of the impact of Un-Shattered Dreams. Photo by Lisa Prince

“What we did struck a nerve,” says Kelcy Williams, writer and director. “Too many of our young men’s and women’s lives are shattered due to gun violence. When there’s violence in our communities we rob our neighborhoods of hope and aspiration.”

The play centers around a local high school teacher, Mr. Edgars (known as Mr. E), and his rebellious teenage students. Mr. E is challenged to find a way to reach his students and keep them out of the streets. Although his students and school administrator don’t know it, Mr. E brings his own personal perspective to the challenge, having lost a loved one to gun violence. He quickly realizes the school challenge helps him as much, if not more, than his students. Together, they learn to let go of the past and follow their dreams.

Williams says she hopes the production will provide another vantage point to community members plagued by violence – one of hope.

“Although Un-Shattered Dreams was written and inspired by the loss of lives, it will make you laugh, cry, be angry, sad — and happy, too,” she adds.

This is not the first production for Flint native playwright Williams, who has presented multiple stage productions of In the Midst of a Storm and Shackled Down.

The cast includes the OWN cable network’s “Ready to Love” actress and Flint native Angel LaShonn, and Aaron Cotteral, in addition to local talent.

Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door and may be purchased at Music Planet, 517 Carpenter Road in Flint, or by calling (810) 787-0099. They are also available at Eventbrite. For additional information call Kelcy Williams at (810) 835-1300. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

Lead photo by Lisa Prince



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