Tapology Dance Festival taps its way through Flint this weekend

Tapology Dance Festival taps its way through Flint this weekend

Like many Flint natives, Alfred Bruce Bradley came back to his home city of Flint in order to spread the good word—on dance, that is. The veteran tap dancer, who has made his mark in the Off-Broadway productions of “One Mo’ Time,” “Staggerlee,” and “A Raisin in the Sun,” and in the Broadway smash “Black and Blue,” felt there was much more to his treasured art form than just its musicality and movement. There was history, cultural richness, tradition.

Tapology founder Alfred Bruce Bradley will again show Flint the magic of dance, through the Tapology Dance Festival, taking place at the Flint Cultural Center Campus from October 26 -30.

To spread that good word even further, Bradley founded Tapology, what he frames as the study of tap dance, its impact on contemporary life, art, and entertainment. It’s more than just the dance form:  Bradley bills a tapologist as a master in the art of tap dance, and one who educates the public about the rich history and culture of the dance. Think Savion Glover, Fred Astaire, Gregory Hines, or Gene Kelly.

Students learn from some of the best in the business at the Tapology Dance Festival in Flint, like Joseph-Wiggan.

This week and weekend, Bradley will continue the tradition of tap with Tapology Dance Festival, which takes place October 26 through the 30that the Flint Cultural Center Campus. The four-day festival—founded in 2001—will involve workshops, lectures, an Honoree Luncheon honoring the McFadden Brothers, a tap competition that awards $1,000 in prizes on Saturday evening, and the Tapology Concert on Sunday night at 7 p.m. All ability levels are invited to attend as the festival encourages beginners, intermediate, and advanced students to take part.

For more information on Tapology, visit tapology.org.

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