Statewide bowling tournament returns to Genesee County for the first time in nearly a decade

Statewide bowling tournament returns to Genesee County for the first time in nearly a decade

Dear Flint area bowling enthusiasts, Grand Blanc Lanes is about to be your home away from home.  For sixteen weeks in a row (minus Easer and Super Bowl weekends), it will host bowlers from across the state.

That’s right, from January 12 to May 12, Grand Blanc will the Great Lake state’s bowling hotspot, as Grand Blanc Lanes, 5301 S. Saginaw Rd. opens itself to the adult-only  tournament of  doubles, singles and team bowlers.

The opening ceremonies will begin at 1:15 pm at the alley, which hasn’t hosted since 2010, and commence almost four straight months of the best men and women bowlers our state has to offer

Grand Banc Lanes is unique among hosts, since usually two alleys are needed, however the 44 main lanes, plus 32 in the annex, make a second location redundant.

“Seventy-six lanes, all under one roof, close to great hotels, restaurants, pubs, shopping and entertainment. What else can we ask for, except maybe continuing good weather?” said Sharon Schildroth, Michigan State USBC manager. “Owner D.J. Hockstein and his staff have worked diligently on upgrades promised when he was awarded the contract in June 2017. Our bowlers are excited to get out on the lanes.”

The tournament could not have come to Genesee county  without the Flint Area Bowling Association

“The greater Flint Area Bowling Association has been instrumental in the planning and will provide front of the house and back office assistance each weekend of the tournament,” said Michigan State USBC President Merry DeBoer.

Setting up such a massive event was by no means a simple task, and the entire area takes the responsibility seriously.

“It takes a village to host a successful tournament,” said Mona Murphy, sports sales manager at the Flint & Genesee Convention and Visitors Bureau. “From the bidding process, planning meetings, site visits and bowling center upgrades to volunteer recruitment, promo materials, securing hotel rooms, providing visitor info and staffing, everyone has pulled together to make this a successful tournament moving forward.”

While pre-registration is required, the tournament is still accepting late registrations, based on availability, by calling 616-635-2032.




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