Halloween spirits sure to satisfy the over 21 crowd

Halloween spirits sure to satisfy the over 21 crowd

You’re grown. And sometimes that’s reason enough to pause for an adult beverage. Here are some of our favorites from our friends at Milk Means More.

Brewery Cocoa


The dark-roasted grains in stout compliment the bittersweet flavor of dark chocolate in this hot cocoa. It will warm you up if Halloween is a dark and stormy night.

Hot White Russian


Kahlua and vodka are the kind of Halloween spirits you want in this creamy coffee drink.

Hot Buttered Rum


Frozen pats of brown sugar-flavored butter gives this spiced milk and rum drink a rich and indulgent bite that even Dracula can appreciate.

Hot Milk Molasses Cocktail


Molasses, dark rum, ginger and milk pair together perfectly to create a rich spicy drink that any Halloween pirate can enjoy. Aye, Aye, captain!

Warm Chocolate Raspberry Milk-Tinis


This drink, made with milk, dark chocolate and raspberry liqueur will go perfectly with the friend who dresses up as a 1920’s flapper – it’s sophisticated, fun and lets you party like Gatsby!

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