Free food, music and more to bring all Flint voices together at ‘A Taste of Culture’ May 11

Free food, music and more to bring all Flint voices together at ‘A Taste of Culture’ May 11
The annual “A Taste of Culture” inspires participants to get to know their neighbors and partake in some of their favorite foods and traditions. The Communities First-hosted event is partially sponsored by the Nartel Family Foundation and the Landaal family.

Flint is made up of diverse groups, and they will be able to learn more about each other on May 11 at “A Taste of Culture.”

People can come and not just learn about, but experience some of the cultures that make up Flint. There will be food along with educational activities to promote lifelong learning, create lasting memories and strong positive impressions of foreign cultures.

The event will be held at the Flint Masonic Temple, 755 Saginaw St., and will run from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Now in its fifth year, the event is expected to bring in more than 300 people this year. Its growth in recent years has helped bring the community together.

“The event started when CFI (Communities First Inc.) staff realized there were community events that celebrated one culture or another, but not many that encouraged intentional dialogue across cultures,” says Program Manager Dena Johnson. “We desired to create an inviting and fun environment where people felt safe asking questions and sharing their cultures with one another.”

With international food from local restaurants, art, artifacts, crafts and music people are encouraged to dance to, it is not surprising conversations about different cultures will naturally occur. This year there will be 14 representatives ready with information about their cultures. However, there is always room for more. If you’re interested please click here or contact Dena at

A Taste of Culture is a part of the cultural outreach program, “Culture Shock” and is presented by Communities First Inc.

Flint is an American city, and this is a chance to experience just what that means.



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