City needs residents’ help completing water line replacements ahead of schedule

City needs residents’ help completing water line replacements ahead of schedule

In its ongoing efforts to ensure a safe water supply in every home, the City of Flint wants to make certain no residents are overlooked.

Following Mayor Karen Weaver’s recent announcement that service line replacements are being performed at a pace ahead of projected completion, residents and landlords with active city water accounts are reminded to consent to let crews perform any remaining work.

Weaver’s Dec. 3 news conference informed the community that 18,313 service lines had been excavated a year ahead of the goal to complete 18,000 excavations by Jan. 1, 2020.

“Although this is a major victory, I am determined that, with the WIIN funds that have been set aside by the federal government under President Obama to replace the city’s water infrastructure, the city will forge ahead to excavate and replace the remainder of the city’s household service lines above and beyond this number,” Weaver said.

An estimated 10,000 homes remain on the city’s plan for excavation to replace any water lines that have contributed lead poisoning in much of Flint’s tap water, leading to the need for filters in many households.

This week the city is reminding residents that consent cards are being delivered to their addresses and that cards should be signed as soon as possible, in order for crews to proceed. For rental properties both the owner and tenant must sign, giving consent.

Under Weaver’s FAST Start initiative, the goal is to replace all of Flint’s remaining lead-tainted service lines by the end of next year. Additional information about FAST Start can be received by e-mailing or by calling (810) 410-1133.

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