100K Ideas celebrates its 100th idea for economic development in Flint

100K Ideas celebrates its 100th idea for economic development in Flint

It’s one thing to have a concept, but quite another to make the concept reality.

Especially when it comes to business, visions that lack planning, support or resources can quickly fade into disappointment.

100K Ideas, a Flint non-profit devoted to helping innovators and entrepreneurs create marketable ideas and services, is celebrating the acceptance of its 100th idea for economic development. David Ollila, 100K Ideas president, says the achievement is goodness for the community

“We have achieved this milestone through the ambition and drive of our clients,” Ollila says. “The passion that these individuals have for their ideas and the number of ideas we’ve already seen come through our doors supports our belief that Flint has endless potential and opportunity.”

The organization, located in the Ferris Wheel, maintains confidentiality about the efforts and aspirations it helps clients produce, so details of the 100th concept haven’t been disclosed, but fields for 100K Ideas range from alternative energy to recreation. Student employees of the four-month-old program use innovation to address specific challenges.

100K Ideas’ 2018 goal is to expand its program and introduce Flint to students nationwide. The overall objective of the non-profit is to provide college scholars with industry experience and support larger workforce and economic development in the city.

For more information, visit 100kideas.org.




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